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Detroit, MI Area Comical Strippers. Slip your Party into a Zany Atmosphere, with Fun, Playful and Hilarious Acts that are unmatched in the Detroit, MI Area. This wild and outrageous type of entertainment is the Best Shock Gift of All. Perfect For Any Occasion: Birthdays, Bachelor, Paybacks, Retirement, 30th and 40th Birthdays, or Any and All Occasions or Just to Say Gotcha..

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Comic Stripper Brutal Betty
Brutal Betty™
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Comic Stripper Fat Freddy
Fat Freddy™
Comic Strip Show

Comic Stripper LeNerd
LeNerd ™
Comic Strip Show

Comic Stripper Now Hiring
Queen of Burlesque™
Comic Strip Show

Comic Stripper Now Hiring
Lola the Drag™
Comic Strip Show

Most Funniest Strippers, Gag Gift Exotic Dancers For Bachelor & Bachelorette Parties, Birthdays or Any Party Occasion at Any Private Location or Reserve Online.
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